JaM oN iT: TAKE iT PERSONAL (Barcelona Edition)

alright, so the Spanish vacation was awesome.  everyone’s asked if we went for work/play, and really, we went for play, but there was ONE day of work and it was for this jam, Take It Personal.

i’ve never been to a jam in a different country before, so just being immersed in a situation where everyone is speaking a different language was pretty interesting.  yes, hiphop is global and worldwide, but there were definitely customs part of their regional hiphop culture that were different from the customs i’ve grown used to coming from another country.  a few things i noticed were that the bboys didn’t do a lot of tops/dancing, they hit the floor with power right away. they also seemed to love to break to some old skool Wu.

Take It Personal, as it’s devised, is a very in-yo’-face + confrontational format to battle in.  There’s a preliminary with all of the participants, once the initial cuts are made the remaining people begin to call out other bboys/bgirls.  It’s awesome cuz you’ll see a variety of call outs – everything from people with real beef calling each other out, to simply preying on the weak and calling out someone you know you’ll crush. lol, all in all it was an awesome experience and i thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event. here’s the goods from that one day of work:

before the battles there were workshops starting in the morning and then a fuckin’ doPe roundtable discussion.  the whole thing was in spanish so of course i didn’t get it, but thru my translator i learned that topics were getting DEEP.

some cypher action before the battles:

CONGRATS to the winner!! this guy had stamina, ferocity, & the skillZ to the pay the billZ.  besides the lovely prizes he won he’s also getting flown out to Switzerland for another jam.  talk about a gift package!!!



it was awesome. it was exhausting. it was work.

and Work is Love.

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