Beautiful Barcelona: Downtown Catalunya

ahhhhhhhhh, beautiful, gorgeous, picturesque Barcelona.  this city was absolutely stunning in so many ways…. great looking people, wonderful weather, a simple to navigate subway system, and an elegant mix of architecture — old world wrought iron, sculptures + clean, modern lines.  i only wish the time we had there didn’t go by so quickly!  thank goodness for cameras. alright dear reader, i hope you don’t mind too much, but the next few posts will be recapping my BCN adventure. maybe it’ll inspire you to take a trip there or if you’ve been, share your experiences with me!


the first place our amazing guide took us to was Plaza Catalunya – the heart of downtown Catalunya.  at any given time this plaza is filled with people, DROVES of people.  and by any given time, i mean from sun up to sun down, this place gets PACKED.  people can be seen milling about, sitting, eating, talking, walking, and just being. many tour buses take off from this place as well since it’s central to everything.

from the southern end of the Plaza, the famed Las Ramblas begins.  this street is pretty much the main drag of the city.  both sides are flanked by stores, gift shops, eateries, etc. in the center walkway there are a ton of street performers, cafes, booths that sell everything (from flowers to rodents!), art for sale, and handmade crafts on the weekend.  a walkdown Las Ramblas is an absolute musT for any tourist.


these street performers are serious.  trust me, i’m from the bay area (where the street performers on Pier 39 & Union Square have some serious game) hell, i’ve even lived in LA where the Santa Monica Promenade has some pretty good acts as well… these guys blow all of ’em outta the water!  these guys get DOWN & .KEEPiTIGHT.!!!!

my favorite - the dress was crushed velvet!

look @ the amazingness you get to see on Las Ramblas!  this lady was literally talking to her duck… i wonder if it was a pet or about to be foie gras???


art and beauty as far as the eye can see…

but when you see the large Christopher Columbus pointing westward, you know you’ve made it to the end of Las Ramblas.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Barcelona: Downtown Catalunya

    • omgoodness, if you have a friend who lives there, what better time to visit?! its absolutely stunning in the summertime (height of the tourist season) but i’m sure it’s lovely year-round with its mediterranean climate.

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