Beautiful Barcelona: St. Joseph La Boqueria

ooooooooooooh, if you know me, then you know the way to my heart is thru my STOMACH. yes, i LOVE food. i’ve hardly met a dish that i can’t agree with, or at least give a go. 😉  a trip to any destination simply isn’t complete without visiting the local grocery store/market and visiting Barcelona wasn’t any different.  after a sweet lil trip to the grocery store (where i picked up a bikini for 2 euros!!!!) we discovered this awesome open-air market, aka mercat, right smack in the middle of Las Ramblas.

don’t let the stone columns full you, this place is packed with stand after stand of fresh fruit, delis, bakeries, olives, pretty much everything you can think of!

     fried egg gummy!

the best part of the market?  the restaurants serving an assortment of dishes!!!  the first day we ventured into the market we sat at a table after seeing amazing dishes of seafood, lo and behold we found out that the tables we were sitting at were actually for a different restaurant, one that only served fried tapas (and NOT delicious plates of paella!) after learning our lesson we vowed to make it back another day to enjoy the seafood extravaganza… and mark our words, we DID.

El Maranito — THIS is the place to go to GRuB!!!

this thing is the size of a small table!!!!


as evidenced by the plates, we were STuFFED.  there was definitely no room for dessert… well, maybe some visual dessert. peep this capoeira team from brazil who just happened to be in BCN at the same time!

mmmmmm, sweet fulfillment!

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