Beautiful Barcelona: Gettin’ UP

yes yes y’all, gettin’ UP in BCN, FULL PRODUCTION STYLE! the goodies that were purchased at the montana factory store were definitely put to goOD use. 😉


coming from AZ, finding a sanctioned wall is like finding a $100 bill on the ground – they’re hard to come by.  when we first stepped off the plane and onto the train, we were blown away by all of the graff we saw flying by in the windows.  it was plain to see that graffiti was the largest element of hiphop in BCN… it was amazing that Barcelona seemed to really embrace graffiti in all it’s forms; aerosol pieces could be seen everywhere, from walls to trains to church gates, and now, sanctioned walls in a public skatepark!!! you know we were stoked as aLL heLL when our friend brought us to the spot — talk about community support!

yes, that is a huge cock n ballz

-the front side-

so this wall and the skate park face the neighborhood and the street, the boys decided to attack the other side of the wall (the side that trains face) to get their production on:

-the back side-

first thangs first, gotta buff out existing stuff to get the wall ready:

after a quick chocolate croissant break to let the paint dry, it was TiME.

even though there wasn’t any still bodies of water i could see (ie. ponds, moats, stagnant creeks, etc.) mosquitoes were feasting on me from the GET.  luckily, one of the team had an amazing pair of warm-ups i slipped into:

that’s right, skirt over windbreakers, baby! wut? wut?! 😀

serv y’all

bboy house

bboy artis

ser.V1 on the character


final touches…



mosdef .KEEPiNiTiGHT. by adding some more beauty into beautiful Barcelona

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