Beautiful Barcelona: GeeKiN’ OuT

Barcelona is jam-packed with history, beauty, sights, and of course, MUSEUMS.  Anyone who’s followed this blog for a minute knows there’s more than a few entries dedicated to [exciting!] museum visits. What can I say? I have to admit, I .keepitight. by being GEEK LiFE FO’ LiFE!!!! 😀 😀 😀

BCN has a Plethora of museums to visit, I was sad that we were only able to make it to 2 of them during our stay. 😥 From the Museum of Interior Decoration to the Dali Museum to the Picasso Museum to the Chocolate Museum, the list of wants was endless… we’ll have to plan another trip back just to see all the museums!


First up, we hit the science museum, CosmoCaixa.  It happens to be one of the largest museums in Spain.  This place is awesome in the fact that it is a very interactive museum that teaches science lessons thru exercises museum-goers get to participate in.

“The CosmoCaixa is not about looking but a hands-on museum with many things to try out in every corner. Different scientific disciplines are being explained didactically and interactively. Care to explore physical, technical, geological, chemical and mathematical relations all by yourself in hundreds of experiments? Not only children enjoy discovering topics in the museum that are probably not the most popular ones in school.” –

look who greets you @ the entrance!

this winding staircase takes you down 5 floors to begin the tour, starting with the very basic fundamentals of earth science. you then work your way UP (& thru) history/time.

looking up 30 meters

it was difficult to snap pictures as it was a bit dark underground; i wish i was able to get more.  this place does a spectacular job of explaining physics, geology, and the evolution of nature.

 one of my favorites was the enclosed jungle greenhouse.  it simulates a rainforest environment with trees, fish, and birds roaming about inside.  i heard it even rains in the greenhouse 🙂besides all of this, there is also a large planetarium located outside beside large satellite dishes.  the museum also always has temporary exhibits on display for a limited time.  i was sad to find out that we were just about a week too early for the prehistoric dinosaur exhibition 😥

for hours of operation + more info:

Teodor Roviralta, 47-51
Phone: +34 932 126 050


The other museum we hit up was the aquarium, L’Aquarium Barcelona.  This place is supposed to be one of the best aquariums in the Mediteranean; it was certainly packed with people, young + old, who were ooooohing and aaahhhhing at every tank, every showcase and I did enjoy myself at the aquario, but I must say, as an avid aquarium goer, this one was only oK.

Sure, it was better than the one in Rocky Point, Mexico, but it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the aquarium in Boston and MOSdefinitely isn’t even in the same league as the Monterery Bay Aquarium (my fave of all time.)  I guess it’d be comparable to the aquarium @ Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, AZ. My main complaints are that while there were many tanks and types of sea life to behold, the tanks were too small and the corals + anemones didn’t look very healthy. 😦

Outside Fun

 more info?

right here.

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