Beautiful Barcelona: Guadi’s Got iT

If anyone asked who was one of Barcelona’s patron heroes I would have to say the artist Antoni Guadi.  This man’s artistry, vision, and love for Catalonia changed (and continues to change) the [beautiful] face of Barcelona to this very day.

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (Catalan pronunciation: [ənˈtɔni ɣəwˈði]) (Riudoms or Reus,[3] 25 June 1852 –Barcelona, 10 June 1926) was a Spanish Catalan architect and the best-known representative ofCatalan Modernism. Gaudí’s works are marked by a highly individual style and the vast majority of them are situated in the Catalan capital of Barcelona – wikipedia

here are a few of Gaudi’s masterpieces I had the chance to see in person:

Casa Milà

can you believe when this building was first created peopled DiSSED iT saying the curvature of the walls was toO uGLY and unlivable?!? out of their minds, dare i say.

Casa Batlló

simply gorgeous! like living in a delicate lace petticoat garden. the multi-colored tiles of the roof are supposed to emulate the scales of a dragon.

Güell Pavilions

the working gears of the gate are built iNTO the dragon, making the mechanics a part of the beautiful art. genius!

Much of Gaudí’s work was marked by the four passions of his life: architecture, nature, religion and his love for Catalonia.[4] Gaudí meticulously studied every detail of his creations, integrating into his architecture a series of crafts, in which he himself was skilled, such as ceramicsstained glasswrought ironwork forging and carpentry. He also introduced new techniques in the treatment of the materials, such as his famous trencadís, made of waste ceramic pieces. – wikipedia

I really love that a resonating theme in Guadi’s work is the major influence of Nature.  Sure, his work goes thru the fanciful, the gothic, the immaculate details and design, but it is always saturated with Nature and Mother Nature’s creations.  I simply love how organic his designs are… and introducing leftover/waste into art?!? he was doing environmental + eco-friendly design since baCK iN the DAY!

Sagrada Família

This monster of a building was Gaudi’s major life work, his “Magnum Opus.”  Even at the time of his death only a quarter of the church was actually finished.  When asked about when he thought it would be completed his answer was that it was for his future generations to take care of.  To this day work on this monument is done in chunks, depending on when private [anonymous] donations are made to continue work.  Let’s just hope the completion is coming soon… I would love to see it done during my lifetime!

!!!!Gaudi absolutely/withoutadoubt/unequivocally .KEEPSiTiGHT.!!!!

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