Beautiful Barcelona: Art in the City

it’s already been shown that Barcelona was beautiful in many regards – the food, the weather, the people, the architecture, etc.  but the ART itself was no slouch! aerosols, acrylics, stone, wrought iron, the ingenuity and creativity of BCN kept my eyes wide open every corner i turned…

the undisputed king of BCN?  it’d have to be a tie between TZAR & CHAOS — these guys were EVERYWHERE. every crack, every crevice, every nook, every cranny.  i couldn’t go anYwhere with seeing their names.

the one on the left is a Lichtenstein! 

beautiful curves made to simulate the waves and bows of the ocean 🙂

this one is a green, sustainable garden/city park!

one of my faves, HAPPY LOBSTER! 🙂 he just brings a smile to face + heart


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