Bragg’s Pie Factory

Here’s a great way to spend your Saturday night:

Special SiLENT AUCTiON to raise money for the non-profit organization, NO MORE DEATHS.  Dezine AD9 is proud to have donated a work of art to this auction to help raise money. This organization has been fighting the anti-immgration laws of AZ for more than a few years.  Everyone already knows that making the run from Mexico to AZ across the border is no cake walk — at 100+ degrees everyday in the desert, it’s a serious journey to make it across the border.  Add in the Border Patrol, Minute Men, dogs, etc. on top of the already fierce elements and it’s easy to see that many people meet their demise by simply trying to cross.  The people of NO MORE DEATHS make it a point to go into highly trafficked crossing points and leaving water, food, blankets, first aid kits, and the like to help those who decide to try to cross.  COME HELP this non-profit do their work!  It’ll be an evening filled with art + free food donated by FOOD NOT BOMBS (another kick-ass non-profit.)

For more info on either organization, simply click on any of the links above and learn more.




Alta Space Gallery

“CRiME SEEN” is an art show dedicated to GRAFFiTi and all its wonders.  Bold lines, bright colors, wild styles, freestyle flows, it’s gonna be ALL OVER the walls on this night.  Come with open eyes and you might find a piece that will compliment your own abode!  There will be a variety of canvases; shapes/color/size, but all will be KiCK-A$$ fosho.  Come enjoy an evening of Music, Wine, Hor D’Ourves, great MUSiC, LiVE ART by the likes of Ser.V1 & Ower, and special performances by Furious Styles.  It’s gonna be a hip-hop filled night of HiGH ART.


!!!.KEEPiTiGHT. & get ART$Y-FART$Y!!!

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