so today was supposed to be the first official day of Fall (though i’m sure no one in Phx noticed with it’s 104 degrees) and that means Summer is officially over. yikes, i guess that means i should post the last of my summer exploits already, right? lol i really mean it when i say i’m trying to get everything caught up and posted!!! i’m buried beneath a pile of photos and events to sort and get up, please bear with me lovelees!

A FAMiLY AFFAiR was the GR818ERS 1 YR ANNiVERSARY. hats off to this awesome organization for kickin’ ass ’round the calendar and doing good where ever they can in their community.  Their event was an absolute blast to be at – face painting and balloon jump for the kids, even a dunk ’em booth!  For the adults there was plenty of art, music, cyphers, and of course, BATTLES.



Dezine AD9 x TheDOPESThreads

don’t worry, it’s airbrush 😉

east meets west

GR818ER mural by Ser.V1  & Saver

special performance by Katerpillar with SamRo in the miX! (his solo blew even the performers away) 😉

and now onto the ACTiON!!!

the footage you’re about to see has been dubbed the “Longest, Dopest, Popping Battle. EVER.” all the aural pleasure is due to SHASH’U from Montreal, Canada! the music is iLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

via TheGR818ERS

mad props to: Playboy Styx, Johnny5, Tronick, Brotha, Venom, GreenTek, and Slim Boogie!

Bboy Gonzo & J-Raw

J5: Cypher King!

“wheeeeew*… what a day

via TheGR818ERS

always good times to be had in the 818 😉

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