Ran into about a miLLiON different technical difficulties before this event (equipment failures, killer dust storms, 3am arrivals, etc.), so we didn’t end up setting up and boothing (our booth was all packed and tucked away happily in the car) but i can’t complain – it was a pretty sweet change as I had the chance to just hang out, visit, and enjoy myself instead of workin’ the usual a$ian $weat$hop. 😉

This was the last event of the much anticipated BBOY WEEK and definitely the best of the bunch.  The week kicked off with Battle of the Year (BOTY) which was surprisingly disappointing… I think all of 4 crew entered the crew battles. 😦 I didn’t make it to Outbreak, but FSS14 was a smash hit.  Sat was tame, but Sun was straight up DOPE.  Mad heads, dope vendors, kiLLER battles (on the bboy, locking, AND popping tip!) and even a special performance by DJ Premier & Pete Rock. Can’t complain with that, right?

there were so many dope battles i didn’t think my camera was gonna have enough juice – i had to hold back from the flickas for more footage.

the HEAT was everYwhere:

in the cYPHeRs

in the popping room:

and mosDEF on the main stage:

wanna see more footage? go here

Bboy Smerk & OG Ace Rock

rockin’ the PuRPLE PoWER!!!

after all day @ FSS14 we heading into the Pacific Palisades for a hilarious music video, walking the streets at dawn, running up on a Greyhound bus, giving hell to our waitress at the NoHo Diner, and of course, ordering Horchata for everyone 😉

*eXhausted* satisfied, and still not done yet…


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