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O.M.G. I’m so embaressed… It’s one thing to forget milk at the latest grocery store run, but it’s a whole other thing to forget your own born day! lol iAmongst all of this hustle and bustle it had completely slipped my mind that TheDOPESThreads turned 1!!! (ahhhhhh, the pros of having a Facebook lol) I wanna dedicate this post to the first birthday of TheDOPESThreads!

This year has been filled with a serious dose of FUN, good times, mad miles, learning, ups, downs, and everything else in between… I can’t wait to see what next year brings!  It has been a serious blessing this year and everyone at TheDOPESThreads is grateful for the opportunity to participate, help and elevate our own community.  Here’s to 10 more!!

Don’t know where to find us?  Check here, here, and here!

as our friend Bboy Neptune put it, here’s to ONE DOPE YEAR OF NOTHIN’ BUT DOPE GEAR!!!

as special birthday gift to itself, TheDOPESThreads plans to roll out a brand-spanking-new website. Ordering custom gear and theDOPESThreads will never have been easier.  Check into the twitter or tumblr for the launch date!



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