Assignment: Occupy Wall Street

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As this is posted operation Occupy Wall Street will have already been in full effect for over half a month (17 days!) and I’m raising my fist all the way from AZ in solidarity with these men and women.  This demonstration is ongoing and no end is in sight, which makes me so damn proud of these people! The bravery and courage of these men and women are commendable as they intend to stick it out  “as long as it takes to meet our demands.”  From the coverage and interviews I’ve read many protestors have traveled from around the country to participate and a many of them quit their jobs completely before heading to the demonstration in order to fully commit to the cause until change and progress can be made!


The national (and global) economy has been on the downturn for more than a minute now (think the end of ’07/early ’08!) and has floundered about with no real progress or reform in sight.  Sure, the White House decided to use our hard-earned tax dollars to bailout large irresponsible financial institutions, but what has really changed since then?  Those same irresponsible people and systems are still in place without any real reform to move forward with.  In fact, the situation has not only stagnated, but has definitely gotten worse.  NPR reported last year that 1 out of 9 people in America were going hungry/below the poverty line.  Just last month in September the report is that now 1 out of 6 people in America are going hungry and living below the poverty line.  Along with Greece and Spain on the verge of bankruptcy, the financial landscape is looking bleaker than ever.  The time for people, citizens of this world and their respective countries, to band together and demand CHANGE is more important than ever.  Let’s no forget that these elected officials and large multi-national corporations need US to survive – to vote (and keep them in office), to use their services, to consume their goods to stay in business, etc.  The best way to cast a real vote is by using your doLLA doLLAars in the right direction – the direction that most supports your beliefs and view of society.

Want to learn more about the sad state of affairs our economy is in?  How we got there and what what could be done to help us get out and never get back here again?? Here are a few documentaries that will really shed light and (hopefully) open your eyes to the actions that must take place to make the world a sustainable place for the future generations.  Check ’em out below, feel free to click on any image to go to it’s IMDB page:


The last two are my absolute favorites of the bunch.  All of these are available thru Netflix except for America: Freedom to Fascism (Netflix has had it listed since 2006 but it’s availability date has been unknown for just as long.) I was fortunate enough to catch a special limited screening of it back in ’06, as for now it is only available online by DVD purchase and other select screenings.  If you find a copy, let me know!  I would love to own it for my own personal collection.


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