-No Ordinary Love-

that’s right, lovelees, i had the awesome opportunity to catch SADE & JOHN LEGEND live in concert.  i love *both* artists in an “no ordinary love” type of way and i had never seen either one perform live, so when our friend gave us the heads up on them being in our neck of the woods, we decided to double-date it up for this amazing duo!

the concert was @ the US Airways center, right in the heart of downtown.  i’ve been there for business seminars before and other talks of the sort, but never for a concert.  suffice to say i felt pretty lucky even getting the nosebleeds — i can’t imagine how much people paid to sit on the floor, front row center.

john legend was fantastic in his crispy clean all-white get-up; not a wrong note came out of his pipes. a great band and back-up singers as well. just when i thought we couldn’t get any more soul, sade hit the stage:

her show was AMAZING.  she had great background lighting/settings/film/video sequences, really great set design; minimal, clean and classy.  her speaking voice and the way she introduced her band after their set, it made my heart swoon!  she seems like she just rolls of bed without a care in the world, all super dreamy and sultry around the clock. (((sigh))) i can’t believe she’s 52 years old!  i can only hope and pray to be so amazing when i hit my 50s. 😉


very happy campers 🙂


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