Media MiSSRepresentation

can’t wait for this to hit!

bombs dropping 10/20/11, please believe i’ll be tuned in!

Cuba, Iran, AND China have more women in government/power positions than the good ol’ USofA??!? we have A LOT of catching up to do, people.  we’re trailing behind on the world stage and in the global community.  Sad days for what used to be a beacon of hope, intellect, technology, and progress.

Came across this as well, has anyone read this yet?  I’ve read some mixed reviews – mainly that it’s too shallow and doesn’t touch upon the real issues; that if you’re in any way aware of what’s going on out there, you already know what’s in this book.  i guess it’s a recap for those who are still stuck in the 70s? If you have read it,  lemme know if it’s a go!

That Used to Be Us


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