Anyone who’s been following this blog for a minute knows my utter love for museums. (Esp. phoenix’s own “the MiM“!) That combined with my avid love of music + hiphop made attending this event pretty much a no-brainer.  Say wha? Dance performances? Beatboxing? Ser.V1 painting live as well?


So it seems that the MiM has been trying to pull in different crowds to the museum by hosting various nights – latin capoeira filled nights and hip-hop oriented ones as well.  They know about the importance of DiViRSiFYiNG! 😉  This night was stacked with bboy performances, human beatboxing, and live art.  Luckily I had my camera handy for all the action:


Ser.V1 creating “ALL of the LiGHTS”

caught iN MOTiON

FSC .keepinitight. and holdin’ it down in PHX

you know what else was holdin’ it down that night??


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