HaLLoWEEN: Gettin’ in the SPiRiT

my favorite holiday is less than 2 weeks away (just 13 days, ppl!!!) and i’ve been wrackin’ my brain for what to be this year.  last year was the first time i did a “couples costume” where we were “hoRNY aNiMALS” and we wanna tag team it duo-style again this year. 🙂  i seriously love halloween & love to go all-out with my costume each time; it’s gotta be an over-the-top handmade/ducttape/gluegun eXtravagaNZA (straight outta the bag JUST WON’T DO!), but i’m pretty used to rockin’ just a soLo/doLo thang…

!!!hoRNY aNiMALS!!!

i am a little bummed that halloween happens to fall on a Mon this year, but perhaps that means Sat & Sun will provide double the opportunity to get that Trick/Treat on?? 😉 hell, if i wasn’t helping out a lovely young lady shoot her first movie on Fri night, i’d dare say that all three days were scheduled for some costumed mayhem! 😀

so tell me, what are you guys gonna be this halloween?  do you ever do couple costumes??  what about group themes??? any words of halloweenie wisdom you’d like to share?!??

spill the goods, i wanna knoW!


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