i had almost forgotten about these pictures i had stored on the digi, a nice lil’ surprise!  while out and about one night to promote for the ‘Crime Seen’ art show we stumbled onto a lil’ hip-hop soiree at ASU (Arizona State University.)  it was dope to see all the elements being represented and exposed to college kiddies — graffiti, mc battles, bboy & dance performances, and of course, djing.

peep the goods here:

it’s nice to see a public school with funding! check out the light graffiti being projected 🙂

makin’ the beat work on the 1s and 2s:

Artist BREZ on the top piece, open piece on the bottom to teach graffiti

a sweet lil’ mc battle that was pretty comical:

best run-in on the night on the left + best shirt of the night on the right 😀

all in all, it was a dope little event that was open and free to the public to promote & raise awareness for real hiphop culture on campus.  pretty schweeT.

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