Halloweenie Fun :)

The best Halloween celebration/event i’ve ever been to is the block party in West Hollywood, CA.  about 40k people hit the streets costume-clad (or not!), ready to meet/mingle/see/beseen.  in AZ, the closet thing i’ve found to that West Hollywood extravaganza is the Tempe Block Party on Mill Ave.  It’s a much smaller scale (think only 3 blocks) and mainly people are there to bar hop, but you’ll definitely see those unique individuals who put time + effort into their costumes and wish to show.them.off.

so the man and i finally decided to go with some relatively easy costumes (we’ve been hard-pressed for time this month) and went has Racoon Mario + Princess Peach.  the one day we worked on our costumes we found out it was very rewarding to craft together! lol, total geeks, i know. 🙂  i wanted to flip out the yellow hair in Peach’s signature layers but wasn’t too sure + was kinda scared about styling a nylon wig in fear of fuckin’ it uP beyond repair.

homemade twister dude! they told me i had to play if i wanted to take a photo so i spun… it just so happened that i got left foot red, which also happened to be on his family jewels! Princess Peach not only kicks a$$, i kick baLLZ, too, baby!!! LMaO. :’D

these guys were simply fabulous. was the mullet or the bodysuit better? i can’t call it.

Roshambo! Or, as I grew up knowing it, Paper Scissors Rock! 😀 Loved these ladies for doing this.  All in all, the street was flooded with store-bought costumes.  There were more pirates and prisoners than I could care to count.  It’s all about creativity! Not looking like someone else. 😛

my favorite costumes of the night:

SLaSH + GRAAAAAAAPPPEESSS!!! (if you know me, you know i have a deep love for both entities) 😀

on the way back to the car…
Mario, trying to get some gold coins. hahhahahahahhah

yes, CO$TUME$ mosdefinitely .KEEPiTiGHT.!!!

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