The Dynasty Rockers are one of the oldest Rocking Crews around and still in full effect.  Rocking is actually the precursor to bboying/locking/popping; it started in mid-late 70s and was the bridge between Disco and Breaking.  It’s an awesome dance form that’s full of structure and tradition.  A Rocking battle is unlike any bboy/popping/locking/waaking/house battle – your steps must consist of shuffles, freestyle, and BURNS. Super sweet since the burns really allow dancers to get creative and theatrical in their musical exchange.  The rocking movement is alive and well all over the globe, but I’ve never had the chance to see it live + firsthand. This was the first full rocking battle I’ve ever been to, so I definitely had my camera on and ready to go thru the whole thing.

dope threads courtesy of TheDopesThreads

this event was held at a sweet lil’ venue in Central Phoenix.  after reading the plaques and articles on the walls, i came to find out that the venue had been around since 1939 — that’s over 70 years of being in business!! now that’s a successful business model. 😉

time to ROCK OUT:

!!!CONGRATS to Mark Rock for taking 1st place and being TOP ROCKER!!!

special shout outs to Du-Roc for putting in the footwork + homework for this event to be possible!

can’t wait for the next one 🙂


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