reCAP: OccupyPhoenix 99% UNiTYFEST

 OccupyPhoenix has been in full swing for more than a few weeks at this point.  Congregating in front of the Wells Fargo bank in Downtown Phoenix, people have been camped out and protesting 24/7.  Usually this would sound to be a total breeze since AZ’s best face is in the Fall/Winter, but in the past week or so the temperature has plummeted suddenly and the nights are C-H-i-L-L-Y.  Please keep in mind this is the same population that freaks out at the mere sprinkle of raindrops; for people to still hold their ground in the frosty air is quite commendable for Phoenicians.

The event took place in the Civic Space Park downtown and lasted from 2pm-10pm.  I didn’t arrive until about 7pm, there was still a handful of people there and it seemed that the majority of them had been there all day. ALLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY, BABY!!! (i, however, wanted to shower in hot chocolate to stay warm — pantyhose were *not* enough.)

Upon arriving a quick survey of the area revealed a ton of kids running around, live music, poetry, speeches, kiddie chalk art, live canvas art, and a long line-up of other performers:

left: homemade bunny suit + paper mache head! right: love for the earth, rockets, the final frontier, ya know. 😉

Shining Soul – a dope hiphop/activist duo

Conscious Collective – a sweet 3 piece band doin’ hiphop/reggae/rock

Lady Magik*Mannie2Fresh*MamaWiz*Mr.Wizard (back) Lobo*Ser.V1 (front)

hopping in the mix on the left, rockin’ one of my fave necklaces on the right.  the necklace is from local jewelry monster, G Jewelry, and is such an awesome statement piece.  when you got that stunnA on, you don’t need anything else!  cop your own by clicking the link above.

all in all, stone coLD good times!

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