AZ State Fair 2011

The man unit and I have both been in AZ for a few years now and have never been to the AZ State Fair. From what I’ve gathered from native Arizonans, it’s a local institution and family tradition for people to go, hangout, eat fry bread, take old timey pictures, and just have a grand ol’ Fair time. Since we’re gonna be relocating soon, hitting up the Fair was on our checklist, but we somehow managed to be so busy that we didn’t make it there until the very last day. And even then, the sun was already on the way out when we arrived. 😛

Super naive to the whole Fair experience, we kind of thought that there wasn’t gonna be a huge crowd at the Fair and that we would be able to run rampant around the fair grounds… boy, were we wrong!!!  Everyone and their mama was at the Fair that day.  I guess we weren’t the only jackasses that decided to finally make it out on the last day; the lines were RiDiCuLOUS for everything: rides, food, RESTROOMS, games, etc.  Since the lines were so crazy we only managed to get on 3 rides and 1 attraction while we were there.  They were all kiddie rides, but we made the best of it.  In fact, on the first ride we attempted, the kids in front of us turned around and asked us if we had any kids we were riding with.  We promptly informed the kid that we didn’t and planned on the riding the ride our damn selves!!! LoL!!! 😀

Taking control of the spin cycles and having a blast… until we got sick! Hahahahaha!

we love these lemonades so much i’m takin’ the whoLe stand home!

I was sincerely hoping to chow down on some funnel cake + a banana boat, but all we could manage was a navajo taco, a foot long cornie, and some crazy chili-n-cheese curly fries.  eh, I guess my minds’ eye was a whole helluva lot bigger than my stomach. :9


 Lol, I’m happy I was decked out in my sweats – we saw a TON of people dressed to the NiNES while attending the Fair – high heels, fancy fits, I can’t even imagine putting all these food away all done up to stunt!

how many turkey legs do you think they sold that day alone?!

Since there wasn’t any hope of us getting onto rides, we hit the games instead.  I gotta say, my bebe’s got great aim!!! 😀

On the way out (while clutching all my Fair goodies) we caught this special performance by Bboys Thesis, Yuri, Tare, and Bert and I managed to unload for a minute to capture some footage:

@ home (and still clutching my Fair goodies) 😀

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