-That’s YO’ Friend-> vol. 3

yes, yes, y’all.  it’s about that time again!  for those of you who are just tuning in this is the 3rd installment of the “ooooh uh uh, that’s YO’ friend!” series where we examine those shady/outrageous/sick/twisted/sad individuals that we all undoubtedly know (or know of!) one way or another.

come on, you know what i’m talking about; i’m pretty sure you don’t have to rack your brain too hard to conjure up one of these candidates – ya know, those individuals that

are aLL over the place/

canNOT get their shit together/

more oblivious to logic than a bLind man/

plays a victiM better than a battered wife/

maniPulates and coNNiVes like they’re presiding over Watergate/

can’t keep a phone # for more than a few weeks cuz they’re doing so many fuckeD uP things to people that they HAVE to change their number/

fall off the earth regularly cuz they can’t show their face anywhere in the neighborhoodor the interwebZ/

constantly pawn their kids off on other people and still assert they’re #1 parents/

(get the picture yet??)

yes, THOSE people.


i’m definitely familiar with the symptoms as I’ve known a few in my time.  in the last few years though i’ve been CLEANiNG HOUSE and it feels amazing.  you’ll be shocked at the difference when you cut the psycho out!  life has never been so wonderful & drama-free. 😀 in fact, it’s so calm and productive that i have to get my drama kicks in in other ways (the first two chapters are here & here)

peep these out and get your TWiSTED SiSTER on!:

The Science of Evil

Nat Geo breaks down the nitty gritty of it!

Wicked Attraction

with 2 seasons available on Netflix instant, you’ll be up your to eyeballs in real crazy!

I (Almost) Got Away With It

delve into what’s running thru their gray matter!


pop some popcorn and enjoy!! and remember, the next time someone you know even triES to get you involved with some nut job, just tell ’em like it is,




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