jaM oN iT: KiNG of the CAGE

Funny Bones Crew & Soul2Soul held their Anniversary event together this year under the name, “King of the Cage.”  It was a way fresh concept with an actual metal cage built in the venue for the battles to take place in – a sweet twist to “in yO’ fAce!”  During the battles peeps would shake/rattle/climb the cage as the energy greW. 😀

(some pre-party action the night before!)

the popping room (pictured below) was H.U.M.i.D. like a jungle – people were putting in WORK!

the main cage room for all the battles:

a sweet lil’ performance by Fingazz before the bloodshed:

let the battles begin!

super big propers to Burst Rock & Warlock for making it all possible – the jam was mosdef a success: mad heads, mad flava, and mad inspiration for the community. .KEEPiTiGHT. and keep on keepin’ on! 😀

what can we say?  shizz was oFF the CHAiN!!!

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