in-between digesting holiday goodies and work i almost forgot that i had a blog!!! 😛 ridiculous, but true.  the holidays will do that to ya. 😉


Furious Styles Crew recently had their 18t Anniversary in Phoenix, AZ.  Yes, that’s right, they’re BARELY LEGAL and seXier than ever!  This event has to be the largest hiphop/dance/battle/event of the year for the Valley of the Sun.  People come from all over the West & East coasts to partake, compete, and enjoy this event.  It’s dope as hell since FSC kicks off the good times days before the main event; there are always great pre-parties and events leading up to the main day.  Trust, FSC knows how to plan (and throw) PARTY.  In light of the crew turning 18, AZ’s own College Times did a cover story + interview with the crew.  Read the whole thang here.

via College Times

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to make it to all of the pre-events as I was takin’ care of biz in the Yay Area that week.  I barely made it home in time to catch (and slave away at) the main event on Sat. (((sigh))) NO RE$T for the WiCKED!!!

The day definitely started early for these guys – they got together @11am to build the wall and start painting before the main event even opened its doors!

Once inside though, it was non-stop hip-hop for the next 12 hours.  I was so busy I barely had time to take a bathroom break!  I think I drank maybe half a bottle of water the whole day, it was that crazy.  I was lucky to get the photos/footage that I did. In fact, I’m gonna have to borrow some flickas from the awesome VE Photos to showcase the event properly. It was absolutely buzzing.

sweet shirts!

Time for some video action!!!

Open Styles

Popping Finals

Bboy Finals

CONGRATS to ALL OF THE WINNERS! Ben & Reinen on the left, Marie Poppins & Pandora on the right. (not picture: Slim Fly & Kid Soul)

After 12 hours of hard work I finally got to see what the finished graffiti wall looked like:

Such Styles & Champ Styles




onto the afterparty!

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