All I Want for Xmas…

is some freakin’ FREE INTERNET — where people can congregate, speak freely, share inspiration, create, and communicate without worry or fear.

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first cutting funding on public programs such as NPR & PBS so only ad-cluttered and purchased campaigns will be aired, now trying to censor the people’s most powerful tool?!  this is going TOO far. i do *NOT* want the model that China (and a few other countries)  have in place with their internet/telecommunications.



Want a window into the minds of our opponents?  Former Senator Chris Dodd — head of the Motion Picture Association of America — says that China censors its Internet, so we can too:

“When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites.”

These are the voices our lawmakers listen to.  If we’re going to win, we need to drown them out before TOMORROW’s committee vote on SOPA.   

First, and most importantly, please click here to make a call or send an email — it’ll really only take a couple of minutes. 

Even if you’ve called already, call again.  Today is that important.  The House Judiciary Committee will likely pass the Stop Online Piracy Act tomorrow, and once the bill moves out of committee, the House can pass it at any time.  We could be just days away from seeing internet censorship pass in the House.

Second, urge your friends and family to call Congress today.   

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 Finally, if you have a website, post this call widget and urge your users to make calls:

Paste this code into your website, blog, or Tumblr:
Or add this script to your site:
Join us and be a hero for Internet freedom and free speech.

We need you,

– Holmes, Tiff, and Fight for the Future

PS: This is it.  Please help drive as much traffic as possible to Congress this week.  Use these buttons to enlist other internet users to fight censorship:

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