.:Holiday Hiatus:.

Hello Hello!

Back from the holidaZe and ready to manhandle 2012!  Any serious resolutions for this year?? I’ve got a big move coming up so I’m thinkin’ that I’ll nail down the resolutions after takin’ care of that biz, but one thing is for sure going on the list: I’d like to severely cut back my meat intake this year.  I’d like to make meat less than 5% of my regular diet.  After learning more and more about the food industry and the harms of meat, this decision is for myself as much as it is for the environment, and ultimately, everyone.  I can’t go all the way yet. but I think a 95% decrease is a step in the right direction. 🙂

One thing I learned during this past holiday was this though:  it’s hard to practice new eating habits at home with the fambam.

Xmas Eve cookery w/the Bro +GF

Xmas Day You-Call-Ems (yes, that’s a pitcher of freshly made Green Juice thankyouverymuch)

I’m still dreaming of the Kim Chi Fried Rice…

Time spent in the Bay w/o DimSum is not real time.

My yuletide was full of food, food, FOOD.

I hope yours was, too.



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