I wrote about this last month, but this is important enough to get another post.

The interwebz is a very different place now.  In just a few decades the World Wide Web has grown from a few chat rooms, threads, anonymous screen names, freaks, geeks, n3rds who were l33t to a service that even young children and 80 year old grannies can’t live without now.  Because of this cultural importance we need to defend our rights against the very corporations and powerful lobbies that have realized the power (and necessity) of the Net and wish to harness it for themselves.

It’s the home stretch, the final push, crunch time, etc.  Whatever you wanna call it, just please take a few seconds out of your day to help make it clear to Congress (and Hollywood) that we the people want our internet FREE and our liberties intact.  If you’re reading this, you obviously use the web – let’s make sure it stays as interesting in the future as it has been in the past.

CLICK THRU and stand up for your rights!


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