naiL$ DiD: iCE COLD

It was cold for about two weeks during December here in Phx – 2 friggin’ weeks!!! Argh!! I was definitely sad that the chilly weather was so fly by night; it was literally 70 degrees, then dropped to an abrupt 30/40 degrees, and shot right back up to 70 again after a short stint of coats and scarves.  I think I might have turned on the heater twice. 😛 As someone with a *very* extensive scarf collection I was very sad that I was only able to wear a handful of them… back into the vacuum bags they must go. 😥

Since I’m still dreaming of and mourning for cold weather, I decided to do some iCE COLD colder than a polar bears toenails typa nails did. 😉

tryin’ to think chilly willy thoughts ^_^

the Cold Cuts.


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