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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Though 2012 doesn’t bode well in the Western (or Mayan) calendar, this year in the Lunar scheme of things happens to be extremely lucky and auspicious! It is the long awaited and fabled Year of the Dragon.  In the Chinese zodiac the Dragon is the luckiest and most powerful of the twelve signs.  People revere this year so much many couples even planned a year ahead to have children born specifically under this sign!!  Unlike the American tradition that simply includes a night of drinking and partying to usher in the new year, the Chinese New Year is much more involved and full of traditional practices.  (If you have a Chinese friend, have them run down everything we have to do to prepare for the change of signs! It will wear YOU out. lol)

Since I don’t get to go home this year to visit and celebrate, I’ll be doing my own traditions in my own home this time around and re-living my experiences from last year’s celebrations:

family dinners 🙂 (that i made!!)



more temples!

and of course, plenty of well-wishing 🙂



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