Recap & jaM oN iT: Cyphers Grand Opening

woooooohoooooo! look @ me! it hasn’t even been a full week since the event and i’m already gettin’ the photos up 😀 yay me. *pats myself on the back* not too bad for startin’ out the year right. 😉

staying with the theme of  starting the year right, CYPHERS: The Center for Urban Arts opened it’s hardcore hip-hop doors on Jan 21st, 2012.  the whole grand opening weekend was a smashing success — phoenix is lucky to have this place to call it’s own.

along with dance performances from every group in the city, there was live graffiti/aerosol art taking place, homemade snackies, skate ramps,

and of course, lotsa people!!

goodies for the Center



everyone adding their energy and blessing the dancefloor

history in the making:

CONGRATS to Shakeer for takin’ the Open Styles and C-Rock throwin’ it down on the Bboy tip!

get more info on classes, events, and offerings here:


or drop by:

9201 29th Ave. Phx  AZ

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