recaP: Rebelution @ The Marquee Theater

Got the chance to catch Rebelution (thanks to our ingenious friend, Jonathan Potatoe!) on tour makin’ noise for their new album.  The sold-out show was going down at the Marquee Theater which means that it’ll be an all-ages show and that’ll be over before midnight.  I’ve caught some pretty awesome acts at the Marquee, such as The Breedlove Tour, Saul Williams, even De La Soul, but this was going to be the first reggae band I would see at this venue and they definitely did not disappoint.  (We could smell the amazing aromas from the parking lot!) 😉

Upon first arriving I noticed the merch booth with stocked full with Rebelution stuff (of course) but also shirts with the infamous Heiro face design and some new “’93 til” joints.  As I walked over I heard the voice of Pep Love coming from inside the auditorium.  Came to a reggae deal and got a dose of hiphop as well?! Dope!

As I made my way inside I could see the backdrop and the decor of the stage was all about GREENERY. Aside from the huge fake (i think) pot plants on stage, there was also a huge mural of forestry, trees, and other elements of nature.  Environment, Pot Power, and Consciousness was thick in the air…. along with the second-hand smoke. 🙂

the goods:

get more Pep Love and Heiro by clicking thru

The Green really blew my mind!  I had never seen/heard their material before, but this funky band from the Islands won me over with their up-beat and agro mix of rock/r&b/reggae.  Ended up buying both of their albums in the lobby. 🙂

So they’re promoting their latest album which happens to be a triple album and their third piece of work.  I heard from Mr.Potatoe that the band had recently downsized and been cut almost in half.  I was very happy that they decided to add a saxophone player to the line-up cuz he was the show-stopper!  That sax man blew the whole audience away with his killer chops and bada$$ solos.  Muy awesomeness!!! 😀


some assorted concert hijinx

easily the best photo of the night – the purse just ties it all together!!! 😀

the savory note our night ended on

peep the tour dates to catch them in a city near you!

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