-That’s YO’ Friend-> vol.4

We’re back again for another installment of the “Ooooooh, uh uh! That’s YO’ Friend!” series 🙂    Since this is the month of cupids, arrows, and LOVE, it’s gonna be a special CraZYinLove edition. and no, it’s not the beyonce knowles version, it’s the real deal holyfield kinna CraZYinLove!!!

Tabloid – an amazing documentary by the brilliant Errol Morris.  Beautyqueens/chains/spreadeagle/mormons/rape it has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a titillating tale and more.

Crazy Love – jeez… I don’t even know where to begin/how to go about describing this one.  I had originally heard the story on NPR and hunted out the documentary because the story was so extraordinary.  These people are straight koo-koo for cocopuffs!!

All Good Things – This one is a little different from the regular scheme of thangs since this isn’t a documentary, but this movie is indeed based on real events and the  guy is mosdef a crazy bird in love.  Mmmmm… that’s YO’ friend, buddy!!!


Got any other CraZYinLoVE recommendations?? Lemme know!!!


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