recaP: Tattoo Expo @ AZ State Fairgrounds

This happened to be the first time the Body Art Expo took place in AZ; usually the only tattoo convention that comes around these parts is the Hell City convention, but the Body Art Expo is the largest of its kind in the world so we went hoping for a good show and a good selection of all thangs body art related.

Surprisingly enough the show wasn’t as thick with artists/suppliers/vendors as I thought it was going to be.  The Expo took place in one of the building at the AZ State Fairgrounds (the yellow one) and it wasn’t completely stuffed with booths. 😥 was hoping to see more art and goodies from outta state.

imagine this times three and you have a picture of the whole thing

most of the tattoo booths didn’t want people taking pictures of them/their booths, but you already know i *had* to snap a flicka of the only ALL-GIRL set-up there! (great skeletal dress as well) 😉

since the booths weren’t so receptive to having their images immortalized, i had to settle for stopping other expo-goers to see if i can snap up their pieces with my handy cam.  this lovely lady was one of the best ones i saw floating around.

besides out-of-town talent at the convention, there’s also out-of-town merch and goodies to be had! these booths were holding it down with their decor, selection, and of course, design$. 🙂

while most of the booths belong to shops/artists, i really love seeing the different tattoo suppliers – you never know when they’re gonna roll out with some new technology to play with!  as you can see from this shelving + lighting set-up, these guys don’t mess around.

i found this awesome guy djing! he was setting the mood with two turn tables and setting my heart a-flutter with that killer beard + top hat. 😀


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