Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the engine that is politics has been warming up for some serious full-time campaigning.  With the end of the first quarter there’s a rumbling increase in the traffic across airwaves, roads, and cityhalls across this land.  Candidates/speeches/soundbytes/etc are free-flowing east to west and back again.  Listening to interviews from voters around the country, it really gets my goat that people love to complain about other people’s personal lifestyle choices and creating a more sustainable environment (which is good for everyone + posterity!) yet don’t give a damn about the serious slashing that is taking place to education and the various ways to enrich our next generations (ie. public libraries, national parks. etc.).  We all know what dept. is getting the largest slice of the federal funding pie [DEFENSE!!!] and it’s amazing to think how many other truly beneficial programs could be improved with just a few drops out of the defense bucket. 😥

What’s more alarming than all of the dumbasses out there wandering the streets?

The future being brewed in the bowels of the American education system.

What’s more alarming than thaT group of people??

The policymakers creating that education system.


Peep these documentaries out as perfect crib notes to the education system that exists in America:

Waiting for Superman – a great overall look on the public education system and the charter schools that have popped up to combat them.

The Rubber Room – Truly heinous and shocking; a small reference to this subject matter is made in Waiting for Superman.  The truth will knock you off your mental rocker.

The Cartel – crunchin’ the numbers and doin’ the hard math on how taxpayer dollars are misspent in the big business of public education.


It’s been more than a few years since I found myself in a classroom, but we’ve all heard about how progressively low america is ranking on the global education ratings – I’m sure we’ve all met examples in our own encounters.  Sad to say that this world is crawling with the ignorant/uninformed, but to think that there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel is downright scary.  On top of that, the en-angering part of the whole story is that (you’ve guess it) it’s all in the name of the almighty dolla dolla.  How are we supposed to vote with our dollars (as consumers) when the very policymakers receiving our mandatory tax dollars are doing what they want with them as opposed to what’s best for the people that put them in office to begin with??


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