Keepin’ iT ReaL: Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all!  It’s all about green, Green, GREEN today, right? From  your body to the food to the beer, it’s all about that lovely shade of nature.  Why not take it step further and go green in the environmental sense as well? 😉

Though you might be too busy with good luck festivities to plant trees and clean up a stream today, here’s at least some inspiration for all of us to contemplate on our journey to the sustainable side:  Trashy Art Sculpture by British art duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster.  This team takes tons of garbage (trash/junk/old food containers/etc) that looks unwittingly like  piles of garbage strewn about, but when the lights dim the real message looms large: each of the trash heaps reveals a spooky if not seriously eerie image.

I absolutely love the intricacies of these pieces.  My mind is still wrapping around how to achieve those shapes found in the shadows thru the actual shapes of the garbage.  So what can we gleam from these pieces?  That our trash and excess is overtaking the human race?  That we’ll fall dead to our belongings??  That modern decay and our addiction to consumption is the end of the world???  Perhaps all of the above.  :/


Wanna see more?  Go here:


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