naiL$ DiD: Year of the Dragonfruit

Food & Nail Art, two of my favorite things!  I love practically all asian fruits and the dragonfruit is no exception.  With a tough scale-like exterior on the outside, the inside is a surprising polka-dotted treasure.  For those who have not had the chance to taste this lovely morsel I would best liken it to a kiwi fruit.  It’s texture, consistency, and soft seeds inside the fruits flesh make them close cousins on my palette.  In the nail art side of thangs, I got an awesome wheel of fruit fimo slices a while back and have been sitting on these lovely little pieces of fimo dragonfruit for a minute but haven’t found the inspiration to work with them yet. With it being the Year of the Dragon and all, what better time than now?

check out the fruits of my labor:

the seeds you need:


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