Happy World Water Day!

If you’ve been reading for a minute you know that the topic of water is very near and dear to my heart.  Today happens to be World Water Day and what better way to keep moving forward towards the day that clean water is easily available and accessible all than to pledge your next birthday for that goal?

Check it out!


Today is World Water Day.
Pledge your next birthday for clean water.

You have a birthday every year.
Imagine if instead of all the toys, the gadgets, the sweaters, the purses or boots… you asked your friends and family to join you on a journey to end the water crisis. What if you pledged to give up the gifts, and asked for donations to water projects instead?

Today is World Water Day and we’re asking everyone we know to pledge their next birthday for clean water.

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Sounds pretty neat, but what does that mean?

1) You start a birthday campaign.

Starting a birthday campaign is easy. Instead of birthday presents, just ask your family and friends to donate to clean water projects for your big day. We’ll use 100% of the money you raise to build clean water projects around the world. If your birthday is not for a while, don’t worry. We’ll remind you when it gets near.

2) 100% of the money you raise goes
to build water projects.

When you’re done fundraising, we’ll use 100% of your dollars to build water projects. That means whether you raise $20 or $5,000, every dollar given by mom, dad, your boss or your grandma goes to change lives.

An average water project costs $5,000, serving 250 people.

$20 can give one person access to clean drinking water.

4,100 children die each day from water related illnesses.

3) You get a photo and
GPS coordinate of the
project you built.

When the project(s) you helped fund are finished, we’ll prove them with photos and GPS. You’ll see how your birthday has changed lives.

 Ready to start your own birthday campaign?  Go here.

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