!!!TEQUiLAZONA – April 14, 2012!!!

Yes friends, it’s THAT time of year again – the weather is warming up, suits are coming off and sandals are  coming out – time to celebrate with an array of handcrafted tequilas and public radio!!! I’m very pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Tequilazona Festival is taking place next Saturday on 4/14/12.  This event has SOLD OUT the last two years, so don’t sleep, DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE.

Feast your eyes upon last years public debauchery:

Taste test in the whip!

shot shoT shOT sHOT SHOT!!! / Best Fit

it’s for a good cause! 😀

…hours later… and no one’s tireD!!!

This event will take place in the same venue, Tempe Marketplace.  It’s pretty sweet location since it has a wonderful outdoor / indoor feel – perfect ambiance for fundraising!!!  The inner courtyard is closed off with the booths of the Festival so you get to party in the center of it all with regular shoppers/movie goers still doin’ their own thang outside of the fundraising bubble. Last year there were some amazing fish tacos, I hope they’re back this year. *fingers crossed*


Need more details?

what you’ll be drinking

who you’ll be hearing (and they’re good) 🙂

how much you’ll save by buying in advance 😀


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