Talk to Me…

Ooooooooooooh boy, I have been friggin’ LOViN’ the new TEDTalks series on Netflix!!!  Available for Instant Streaming, the TEDTalks series is an awesome library of “ideas worth spreading” on a variety of topics.  So far I’ve checked out:

*Chew On This

*Sex, Secrets, & Love

*Smart Laughs

*Building Wonders

*Defying Disease

I’ve completely loved all of these so far (in fact I’ve been inspired to start practicing “Weekday Veg” because of one of the talks!) and there’s still a ton of other subjects to devour and delve into as well.  It’s super handy that each of the topics include a number of different talks that can range anywhere from 25/30 mins to just 4/5 mins depending on the speaker and their story/wish/idea.  Since these are basically just footage of the talks taking place at the TED convention, there isn’t a lot of heavy cinema/imagery to stay glued to; I find these to be the perfect companion in the background of paperwork, creating, packaging, cooking, folding laundry, etc., etc. 😀

Without a doubt TED is at the forefront of thought/practice/ideas at this time (think the SXSW for science/technology/etc) and I’m extremely pleased that these talks have been made available to us poor souls who haven’t had the chance to attend this event IRL.


*Rock Out*

Please believe I’ll be checking out the entire library!


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