recaP: BiG BRAiN Awards 2012

The 3rd Annual Phoenix New Times BiG BRAiN Awards was held recently and CYPHERS: The Center for Urban Arts had the great honor of being a finalist in the “Performing Arts” category.  This award is given the best and brightest new businesses and organizations around the Valley of the Sun and being acknowledged for making the community a better place just 2 months into the game is an astounding feat anyone could be proud of.  Shit, as a friend and supporter, you knoW, I was more than proud to attend the award ceremony.

The event took place at Hotel Saguaro in Scottsdale, AZ.  After handling the parking tip and making our way inside, it was an interesting mix of vendors/booths to see.  The [small] main stage was in one room with  many retailers/fashion vendors selling everything from vintage fashion, costume jewelry, to blow outs and make-up application.  It was pretty crowded and hot in there.



…Did I mention the model installation/live art/tableau thang that was going on?  These poor guys, not only did they have to stand with a hot spotlight melting their faces all night, they also had to withstand the savory aromas of the bacon + sausage biscuits and gravy that were being handed out right in front of them.  Such professionals. 🙂

After wandering out of that room to find what kinda trouble there was to be had, I found a lower level with several rooms filled with food and art.  Luckily these rooms had slightly better ventilation and pockets of cool air could be found workin’ the rooms.

These guys totally make an a$$ kickin’ organic line of hummus, butter, and ice cream. Yes! *arm pump*

Some sweet sushi stylings by Squid.

In line for some alcohol-infused ice cream. :9

some live painting that was just ‘eh.’


on the left: original art and handmade furniture / on the right: digital prints and a few paintings

My favorite piece of the night!  This awesomely classy & monocled cat bust had a tiny scene within his top hat – take a close look!  Definitely the best one of the bunch. 😀

This fabulous red cowboy hat was mosdefinitely the best headdress of the night – plus. he was a total ham on his mini-guitar. (((sigh))) I must really have a thing for old bearded men!

After makin’ the rounds and finding out what the different offerings were, it was soon time to make our way back to the main stage area for the award ceremony.  Needless to say, the room got even hotter:

The winners of this years BiG BRAiN awards!

Sadly enough my homies from CYPHERS didn’t win,

but it’s all good as it was an honor to be recognized and nominated.

1/2 way hitchhikers don’t cry!

Now onto the after party!!! 😀


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