KeepiN’ iT ReaL: Embroidered Portraits

Yes, put that thread and needle down granny and move over, there are some new guns in town.  When I think embroidery I always picture that simple stitched “Home Sweet Home” deal hanging in some quaint living room.  At it’s most heightened form I can only imagine those lovely embroidered flower and garden scenes found in classic Chinese art and decor.  But never, ever, not even in the furthest corner of my mind did I envision human portraits being embroidered, and never would I imagine that more than one person was out there doing it. And doing it in a big way.

Brace yourself… and hold onto your socks.  First up, the sweet needle stylings of David Kornrumpf:

those glasses are no joke.

rockin’ a THiZZ face

hipster central

Too friggin’ fabulous, right? I really love how modern and contemporary the subject matter is – obviously the thread master here a young, hip cat as well.  It’s so refreshing to have the young subject matter juxtaposed with such a homely/elderly craft. 😀 Love love love it!

Check out his website for more info.

Next up we have the equally talented (but not quite as hipster) Cayce Zavaglia:

just look at the blending/feathering of the hair!  FAB.

the close-up view is pretty mind blowing

but seeing the back is even more so!  peep the front and back… yes, that shit cRAY.

See more of Cayce’s work here.


Though these pieces are relatively small in size, I imagine that the detail that is achieve thru thread here is also achieved thru many hours of putting that thread through the fabric.  Thinking of the pattern work and such is extra crazy when considering the plaid shirt the kid is wearing in the above piece. Yowzers.  Seeing these works definitely makes me think twice about how hard it is for me to stitch a button. 😛 LoL!


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