recaP: TEQUiLAZONA 2012

What can I say?  Per usual, these NPR fundraisers are nothin’ but solid gold HiT$.

This recent Tequilazona was no exception – don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourselves:

Had the honor of lending a hand the busiest entrance with a few other brave individuals; as you can see from the picture above the heat was on.  Fifteen mins til opening and the line was already forming with people who want.their.tequila!

We were working off of iPhones and other handheld technology for hours.  Eventually the flood slowed down to a trickle and we were able to take a seat and refuel with a bite to eat.


This was the best booth at the event!  I really loved the display and the uniqueness of the skull-shaped bottle.  All of the skulls painted as sugar skulls was a nice touch (the super HUGE skull bottle in the back doesn’t hurt either!) Apparently all of these bottles were “hand-painted by school children in Mexico” … I don’t mean to judge, but come on now, let’s be honest, those poor kids are *more than likely* being taken advantage of. 😦  If this company happens to compensate said school children adequately, I will recant my words.

I’m really hoping this blinged-out baby was *NOT* done by schoolchildren in Mexico.

The GROWN-UP version of Jungle Juice

Organic Margarita & Daiquiri mixes!  :9

There were booths upon booths of tequila to be had/sampled/shot, but I’m the kinda woman that wants to get my cheW oN. I was happy to see the food vendors were bringin’ their “A” game as well. :9

Chicken Taco – no brainer at a tequila fest.

Brisket! A lovely addition to the menu – people were LiNED UP for this one.

Delicious brisket bites with slaw.

Some tequila-infused dipping sauce and bread – dessert if you will.

Not pictured:  the sushi rolls with salsa/ceviche topping. 🙂

All in all it was a great night for a great cause.

!!!ViVA LA NPR!!!


2 thoughts on “recaP: TEQUiLAZONA 2012

  1. I just saw those Kah skulls at a bar the other night. I had never heard of Kah. I looked online because I love Day of the Dead stuff and the cheapest bottle available was $89, up to $299! Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon.

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