A Matter of Life & Death.

What do they say? The only truth in this world is that we all have to be born, all have to pay taxes, and all have to die, right? Something like that, right?? … or did I totally butcher it? 😉

After some eye-opening facts I’ve decided that not only do I not not have any faith whatsoever in large corporations with the dealings of my food and clothing, I am also not down to lay my trust in them when dealing with inescapable events of birth and death.

The Business of Being Born
If I ever decide to procreate, please believe I’ll be doing at home with a mid-wife in a pool.  The only way to go in my opinion.  Once again it’s a subject where most of the other first-world countries already have this figured out and we’re still dragging our feet behind.  This simple act of a home birth might ultimately help the overall state of the family in this country as well since mother and child are able to bond during the process when their natural chemicals are at the height of bond-making.  Have no clue what I’m talking about?? It’s time to check this out, peep Netflix for the goods.

POV: A Family Undertaking – This offers a great closer look into the business of death; everything from the initial death/embalmimg procedures onto coffin sales, onto the seminars that funeral directors attend to learn new sales techniques.  Besides side-stepping the money making machine the friends and family also get to see and feel the actual process of losing a family member, also thereby making the loss that much more manageable for the people who are left behind.  This not only helps people understand the cycle of life and death better, they will have a better grasp of their own feelings in the aftermath of the loss.  People are healthier all around with these steps it seems. Might be able to stream the whole thing by clicking thru.

So you heard it hear first.  I, DubbaLubba, wish to have a home birth and burial when the time comes for each event, respectively.  Maybe we’ll still convene here at this humble blog when those occasions arise; or at least somewhere in the Cloud. 😉

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