keepiN’ iT ReAL: Ma’Claim

I am a proponent of graffiti.  I completely support the idea of people reclaiming public spaces with art of their choosing instead of letting their senses be forcibly bombarded with advertising that was sold to the highest bidder.  As you may know graffiti largely started in NYC in the late 70s/early 80s in poor and underprivileged neighborhoods were the youth found a voice to express themselves.  The product was lettering or tags on walls, streets, subways, etc.  As time and the art evolved tags turned to structured letters with style, full-blown productions, and then jaw-dropping burners.  The majority of the styles were bold line, bright color, words/messages.  In keeping with the idea of Keepin’ it Real, I wanna take the time to showcase the graffiti-stylings of a German group named Ma’Claim.  These guys have taken aerosol art and evolved it to one of the highest possible expressions I can imagine — Photorealistic Graffiti.

Yes, all of that was created with spray paint. The reflection of the can is mind-blowing.

This piece is on a wall – the guy, the arm, the tattoo/graff on his wall, all achieved thru aerosol. Amazing.

Once again, the face, the hands, and the lettering, all a part of their production. Realistically fabulous.

Here’s another one with the photorealistic face, but paying tribute to the roots of the form with the different lettering and pieces filling in the figure.

Wanna be in even more awe and wonderment??  Pick up their book and feast your senses upon the “finest fotorealistic graffiti.”:

Don’t wanna commit to a book on your coffee table yet?  Peep out their website and blog!


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