Blunt Club 10th Anniversary

Happy Birthday to my favorite hip-hop institute in Phx, who is constantly and consistently servin’ up the real ish on a weekly basis, the infamous Blunt Club. For its 10th birthday there was a 2 day celebration; the first night at the current spot (The Yucca Tap Room) and the second night at Hollywood Alley (dubbed “classic” Blunt.) 🙂 This might be the first time I’m writing about the Bliggity here, but in my old blog many an adventure started (or ended) here. Yes, yes, it’s been a good run. Though I haven’t been around for the full ten, I’ve been here for half the time and those five years have been enjoyable indeed. Thanks, Blunt Club.

Day 1:

Your regular shenanigans sprinkled with a few surprises. 🙂  So good to see Miss D, Miss Kree, and Mr. Hyder!

Day 2:


I love the Hollywood Alley.  This is easily my favorite venue in the Valley. It’s got just the right amount of space x atmosphere  for me; enough room to maneuver but still intimate.  I remember when the Blunt took place here and an old man who had to be in his 70s/80s would come every Thurs just to sit outside and talk/hang with us as we came out.  I remember countless times of showing up so late that I never even made it to the door, so busy parking lot pimping my way towards the entrance.  In fact, I learned the most amazing way to greet a person here — by smacking the shit outta their shoes with your hands.  When someone greets you like that, you feel like a friggin’ million bucks — strangely enough the Universe wanted me to experience it again that night.  Lol, such good times. :’)


One of the first things to drew me to the Blunt (other than the dope music that was bumping( was the live art that was always taking place.  So much great creative energy in one place!

Hold dee Line!

Pictured above is MoshaOne, flexin’ a new style.

Didn’t get the chance to catch the name of this artist, but really enjoyed this piece.  I don’t know if this piece was created entirely there, but the amount of detailing is astounding.

This is Mr. Jules Demetrius.  Yes, he makes art as well, but more importantly, me makes me happy. 🙂 It’s been too long.


Two of my faves: Frank Gonzales on the left with the fly bird / MoshaOne declaring her love for butts. nO woRRies, i’m down with the big ones. 😀


Cheers to the Blunt Club!  Here’s to 10 more!!!

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