It’s all about SEX

So we’re already more than halfway thru 2012 and the upcoming presidential Elections are slowly eekin’ there way closer.  I know it seems like endless summer right now, but it’ll be Fall before we know it, and those November primaries are gonna be right behind.  I don’t know if anyone else is paying attention (and you already know that the powers that wish-to-be hope we aren’t), but I’m tuned iN and listening, buddy!!  It really boggles the mind that there is even a buildup of tension around the whole gay marriage thang – so much so that gay marriage is poised as a wedge issue – and with the whole idea of sexual morality in general is enough to get my goat going.  What happened to our founding fathers’ ideas of Separation of Church and state?  Did you know the majority of the founding fathers were agnostic/atheist?  Why the hell is the religious right trying to push an agenda that is straight-up unconstitutional?!?  Shouldn’t they be happy enough with their tax-exempt status???  Hell, in AZ ppl (from the religious right) are trying to make abortions illegal! Once again, sadly stepping backwards in the name of the future instead of putting their best foot forth and preparing for what is to come. 😦 Ugh, gonna try to contain the 1am diatribe on this subject.

Let’s intro a few different players instead…

Few years back I saw a documentary called This Film is Not Yet Rated and it blows the whistle on the movie rating industry along with Americas attitudes towards sexuality, and the idea of female pleasure.  It’s scary how deep-seated these sentiments are and how far-reaching this organization is.  Watch it and have your mind expanded with knowledge of their limitations.

I recently peeped another one that was great, entitled Let’s Talk About Sex and given the current climate, the deed is more relevant than ever.  Another sadly reoccurring theme seems to be Americas’ religious agenda in general.  As shown in healthcare, the food industry, childcare & pregnancy, KNOWLEDGE and OPTIONS are POWER.  Do I really need to bring up the whole Alaska/Palin/Bristol/Levi debacle to show why no education is simply NOT the way to go?  Or did the religious right NOT have enough egg on their face in that situation?? Sexual education and reproductive knowledge is a reality that needs to be dealt with.

But I guess that one that got me the most was this piece, called Outrage.  This documentary was made in 2009 with the help of Jon Stewart, and it was definitely ahead of it’s time.  This piece really speaks to the political climate we’re currently in.  It basically puts on blast the politicians that are VERY CLEARLY GAY (which is great, i’m happy for them!), and yet work to limit and hurt the very same gay community and its people they partake in and take from.  It’s a sick twisted mentality all in the name of their political aspirations/careers and the GOP. Sad days, for sure for these individuals.


All of these titles are currently available in Instant View with Netlfix, so jump on it now!  You know they rotate the selection regularly.

[[Le Sigh]]

I really tried to keep it brief on this subject – I hope it suffices to say that our “Christian-based American” culture is frustratingly (& politically) juvenile due to the churchs’ greedy powergrab in terms of all thangs sexually related. Pretty lame, dude. 😛

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