recaP: THE GR818ERS 2nd Annual Graffyard Boogie

Yiiiiiikkkkkeeesss!!! I thought I was doing so good at staying on top of blogging but Summertime livin’ has gotten the best of me.  Bear with me lovelies, the silence shall be no longer!!

A few months ago we took a lil’ roadtrip out to sunny California to attend the GraFFYaRD BoOGiE. Hosted by the one and only, Gr818ers, this family-oriented event is quickly becoming an annual classiCK.  The GR818ERS have an amazing yard/space at their disposal – what better way to positively utilize that space but by inviting a handful of dope writers, cooking up mad food, and bumping some dope beats???

The whole event was Mad Chill, just the way a backyard bbq should be.  Imagine kids, DJs, dancers, mad grub, hella aerosoL and everyone just vibin’ out under the Cali sun and having a great time together. Kinda paradisey, right?

No, THEGR818ERS ain’t fuckin’ around when it comes to feeding the masses.  Fresh tacos! On hand!! Just seeing this spread again is makin’ my tummy growL.

The Artists MUST have been feelin’ nice cuz oowwwwweeeeeeeee!!!  There’s FiRE on those walls.  These pieces are gonna be BuRNiNG for a hoT miNUTe!!!

Cheers to another dope community event with THEGR818ERS!

p.s. On a side note, our boy, DEViOUS, is makin’ a name for the THEGR818ERS all around the globe — he’s just wrapped up doing some dance ouTREACH in AFRiCA!!!!!!! BiG THANGS, man, BiG THANGS. 😀

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