Natural Gas is becoming quite the hot topic and platform nowadays.  I’m seeing more and more candidates proclaim their support for Natural Gas as a positive and are running with that idea as a badge of honor.  Like so many things in the political arena, the name/term itself is very misleading (think: Patriot Act) and while it may sound like it’s a good thing since the Green Revolution/Movement is gaining more and more momentum, but let me stress that is definitely NOTHiNG natural in Natural Gas – Not in the way it’s mined, not from the aftermath of mining, and definitely not in the methods of obtaining the land to be mined.

I first caught wind of “Fracking” last summer on my way to BCN.  “This American Life” did an amazing episode on the topic of Fracking (FIND iT HERE) and the noise has only mounted since then.  I recently caught an awesome documentary that I really want to urge everyone to see, esp. those that live in the North East, where the largest deposit of shale sits.  Entitled, “GasLand”, this film is made by a young man from the NE, in a town where the fracking is already started and the community is feeling the effects of hydraulic fracturing.  If you are in the least interested in energy, sustainable energy, and outdated energy, please WATCH THIS FILM!!!

  Gasland – Official Website

There definitely isn’t anything funny about the situation at hand, but Josh Fox does handle it with the best attitude possible.  Please also click the above link to learn more about fracking and what actions can be taken!  It’s available thru Netflix, but I’m sure it’s available to be streamed from elsewhere online as well – just let your fingers doing the Googling. 😉


Here were a few other working titles/possible protest lines I considered:

– Natural Gas? MY ASS.





Sustainable, eco-friendly energy can’t come soon enough. 😦

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