holy cowzas! :O

I just took a [digital] walk down memory lane!!!

I’ve been playin’ in the Instagram waters for a hot minute now and have been delighted to see the different communities and customs/memes of this particular network’s culture. One of the biggest things by far that i’ve noticed is the huge support of #throwbackthursdays and #flashbackfridays themes where people are pullin’ out the oldies but goodies and posting them up. Soooooooooooo, wanting to get in the spirit of things, I started to poke around in my digital archives to see what I could/should throw up and guess what I came across???

{{{{!!!MY FiRST BLOG!!!}}}}

And of course, it’s subsequent profile…

AGirl’sGottaEat / SweetReunions

:D!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it’s been YEARS since I’ve even looked at the old Myspace profile!!! I think my girl referred to it as a “time capsule” and I couldn’t have described it better myself. I seriously can’t believe it’s been 4+ years since MySpace. My jaw was dropping left and right when I re-discovered myself thru my old blog. When I first joined MySpace I started blogging as a way to document/create/notate/ for myself and found out along the way that it was an activity I enjoyed. From the beginning I was posting up favorite foods, show footage, and assorted shenanigans. But as MySpace faded out so did my blogging. I had jumped to Facebook early on, but there was no platform on FB for blogging the way MySpace had. Trief a few diff blog platforms but none really clicked until coming across WordPress. Nothing like gettin’ caught up with yourself to put things in perspective… jeeZO. SucH + so many gooD Times… I had almost forgotten about different adventures and it really hasn’t even been that long in the real scheme of things – memory don’t you start failing me now!! LoL It’s weird to see how everything applies and has branched like a bonsai. Amazing to see the beginnings of some things, the roots of others, and the stuff that is innately you from beginning to end. I read all the way back to my first post, saw when I first purchased my home, and remembered what it was like being a fresh new implant in AZ.

It’s crazy to say, but…

– I’ve been a homeowner for 7 yrs. Yes, doin’ that moRTGaGE thanG thanG.

– Been self-employed for 7 yrs. Love flyin’ solo. It’s the only way to be. Will never join the Rat Race….because I am not a rat!!!

– Weathered the economic meltdown

– Continue to live at War :*(

– Changed my carbon footprint.

– Ventured into the kitchen.

– Am now the proud owner of a vacuum cleaner πŸ™‚

Change has been good, but growth as been thrilling and essential. I’ve greatly enjoyed this journey of inner+outer discovery; I’m definitely no where near a complete groWN UP yet… but I’m looking forward to learning. Though the future and newness is something I love, some things will always remain I suppose:

– My family still drives me crazy.

– I’m still drenched in color. I’ll never go monotone.

– I still love to drive fast…. just less aggressively nowadays. πŸ™‚

– Though I haven’t played in a band for years, I still have eclectic taste in music and find myself doin’ band geek thanGs when enjoying muzik.

– Never-ending appetite for new food, art, media, information, destruction, and music, of course.

Maumau ’05

– This Mau in my life. She made me more responsible when I was galavanting around. In many ways she housebroke and domesticated me. She is my RiDE or DiE!!! (And since she only eats organic good, shes gonna be ridin’ for a long time.) πŸ™‚

Is this what growing up is all about?

(((le sigh)))

it’s been a beautiful run in AZ.

It’s been short / long / slow / fast all at the same time if ya catch my drift. I guess time has a funny way of doing that, right? It’s also a beautiful thing to see change / constant in life, understanding what holds true to you more… I guess time has a way of doing that, too, huh??


Strangely enough, Instagram has proved to be oddly [intrO] and [retrO]spective.

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