reCAP: MiXOLOGY (RAWArtist Showcase)

Mixology was awesome!!! It was a loooooonnnnnggg day (over 100 degrees at load in, 4 hours of work prior to the show, 5 hours of working the show, another hour to breakdown afterwards) that ended in showering thundering storms and I can’t imagine a more perfect end to such a fun night.The duck and run action with the massive painting at the end was priceless. :’)

RAWArtists is a dope organization that is dedicated to helping underground artists get exposure.  It is a great concept since they actually do a lot for artists with their many different resources, one of those things being a monthly showcase to highlight different arts — painting / sculpture / photography / makeup / fashion / etc / etc.

Ser.V1 was asked to showcase at the July event (so you know my lil’ Asian hands were hard at work!), which was held at Martini Ranch.  Peep the recap if you weren’t able to make it out:

RoLLeRCoASteR!!! / Troublemakers / Partygoers / Instagrammers

The Usual Suspects / Performance Pieces / In the Mix

The Crowd / Yes, even Cello performances! / Art at Work

Bonehead Pinstriping / Pencil Whisperer / Evil Donkey / Live Art / Handmade Jewelry


Art definitely comes in many forms.

Thoroughly enjoyed my night!  After finally loading everything up during a downpour, we went down the street to American Junkie and watched some serious Flip-Flop Shuffling!!! LoL!! >’D


ALL in ART!!!!

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